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ARP Data Manager

Instruction for the "Payroll Run" Field

Batch Identification

How Do you use the Payroll Run Field?

The "Payroll Run" field should be completed with three characters that consist of either numbers or capital letters (lowercase letters are automatically converted to uppercase in the ARP software).

Example: Let's say you have six payrolls. You will need to assign six "Payroll Run" identifiers:

Payroll Type Payroll Frequency "Payroll Run"

Pastor Payroll - A Monthly PAS

Pastor Payroll - B Bi-weekly PA2

Teacher Payroll - A Semi-Monthly TEA

Teacher Payroll - B Monthly TE2

Courtesy Payroll - A Bi-Weekly COU

Courtesy Payroll - B Bi-weekly CO2

Each time you run a Pastor Payroll-A, whether it is a regular payroll run or an adjustment run, you must use the PAS "Payroll Run" identifier. Each time you run a Pastor Payroll-B, you must use the PA2 "Payroll Run" identifier, etc.

Even if you process only one payroll type during the course of a month, you still need to assign a "Payroll Run" identifier to that payroll.